GA monster

North American Whitetail has the story of the monster Mikell Fries shot with his bow last October 14. Why was the giant (with drop tines!) still in velvet?

…while examining the buck, Mikell noted there was only one testicle, and even it was poorly developed. While it’s unknown if this was a physiological anomaly or the result of an injury, it no doubt caused the hormonal imbalance that prevented the monster whitetail from going through a normal antler cycle. Clearly the deer had never shed the rack he’d been wearing when Mikell first found him before the season in 2012. From an 8-pointer then, he’d grown into a 26-pointer!

Big Deer are fascinating…

And BTW, every once in a blue moon a world-class non-typical like that is killed in South Georgia, like Billy Joe Padgett’s 245 4/8” 38-pointer back in 1998.