az rebar 1

Someone has been purposely placing sharpened rebar on and near forest roads in the Happy Jack area of central Arizona. Spiked pieces of rebar have slashed at least 8 tires.

“The end of the rebar has been flattened and sharpened to a point and the exposed point has been painted to blend in with the road surface,” said Mogollon Rim District Ranger Linda Wadleigh. “The objects pose a serious threat to everyone, and that doesn’t just mean people recreating on a motorcycle or off-highway vehicle, it includes people walking, hiking and even wildlife. We are taking this very seriously and asking the public to keep an eye out and report suspicious activity in the area.”

az rebar 2

Who would do something like this? Of the more than 1,000 comments posted about this story on the AZ Fish & Game Facebook page, most people feel it is the nasty work of tree huggers, or maybe pot growers in the area.

I lean toward environmental whackos, and I hope they are caught and busted soon before hunting season. Those spikes could maim or kill somebody.