maintoba buck 2014 luke

Here is my full-velvet, long-tined stud whitetail from opening night here in Manitoba.

Over the past two months I’ve dropped and sacrificed almost everything in hopes of nailing down a pattern on this buck. I knew I had to for a chance at him. Literally every evening I had free over July and August I worked on trail cam setups and scouted to try and learn more about this buck and others, and their unpredictable behavior on the flatland prairies of the province.

Opening evening nearing sunset, the buck ran in with two other nice bucks, stopped for a split-second and gave me all I needed to place a clean and almost instant kill shot from my stand above him. What a rush!

Even though I got lucky and tagged out the first day, it feels like I have been hunting this deer for a long time. I spent the entire summer and have a history with him. That’s what makes this hunt unforgettable. I would like to thank my dad, Dwight, for helping me out with his extensive whitetail wisdom. Good luck to all of you this season…I can’t wait until next season.—Thanks, Luke Fehr