get in shape

Hi Mike, I was wondering if you could ask the bloggers what they are doing to get in shape for the upcoming season. Everyone has their own workout plan, and I would be interested to know what those are. At this point mine is: walk 3 miles 5 times a week, and do some sit-ups and push-ups each morning. Later in September I plan to add a small pack with weight in it for my walks. —Thanks, Mike M.

Ok, who’s sweating? If you’re not you should start, you’ll feel better and hunt better.

My pre-season (and all-year except when I’m traveling/filming/hunting) routine: Walk dog once or twice daily (7-12 miles a week); jog with sprint intervals for 3 miles 3 days a week; moderate weight-training and core planks 3 days a week, with emphasis on chest, back and arms.

This isn’t as time-consuming as it sounds; I don’t kill myself but I do try to push through some activity 30- 40 minutes every day.

What about you?