tag deer

I have not read many hunting regulation booklets in the last 10 years. In fact I can’t remember the last time I read a state’s regs cover to cover. I doubt you can either.

That’s stupid on our part, because every state has quirky little rules and regulations that might never cross your mind. But ignorance is no defense. You and I could get our butts in a sling over some technicality if we don’t know the rules and follow them to a tee when we hunt deer.

This year before we go to any state to hunt and film, I have made a commitment to go online and read the regulations cover to cover. It’s boring, but necessary.

First up Kentucky, where I already found 2 requirements that I could have easily overlooked:

Print and download a harvest log to go with your license, every hunter is required to submit one…

All hunters shall attach a handmade carcass tag to any harvested deer…meat processors and taxidermists are prohibited by law from accepting any harvested animal, or parts of a harvested animal, without a carcass tag attached…tag must include the hunter’s name, phone number and telecheck confirmation number.

In the 30-plus states where I have hunted deer, I have never downloaded a harvest log, and I have never attached a “handmade tag” to a carcass. I have provided the necessary info to a processor when donating meat, but I have never written out a handmade tag.

Oh well, I have my Sharpie ready and hope to be write out my first carcass tag for an early-season buck next week!

BTW, I also found out that while coyotes are fair game in Kentucky year-round, bobcat season is closed during early archery. You need to know things like that. You don’t want to take a shot at a bobcat and find out later that you broke the law.

Read the rules and regulations in every new state you plan to hunt, and go back and read your home state’s regs too. I bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know.