pa bow buck big daddy

Mike: A little while back in a blog you had a picture of a buck that
scored in the 120s and asking if the average hunter would kill him. Well here is my answer to that question.

He’s a basic 8 with a couple stickers. Here in Pa. I do not pass on a buck of this size with either bow or rifle and it doesn’t matter if it is early archery season or the last day of rifle season. The fact is that here in Pa., as well as most public land anywhere in the USA, he is a shooter to 95% of the deer hunters I know.

He is not my largest buck by a long shot but I killed him while
hunting with my son and two longtime friends from our camp. We had back straps for dinner followed by Crown Royal next to the fireplace last night and slept in this morning.–Terry “Big Daddy” Murphy

Thanks Big Daddy and way to go.

Who else would have shot this buck…or would you have passed?