velvet buck mount 1On September 29 I posted this blog on the velvet monster that Kentucky hunter Jeff Fogle shot with his bow earlier last month. The other day Jeff sent me an email with these pics:

Just got my buck back from the taxidermist! Green scored 184 2/8″. Most amazing taxidermy work I’ve ever seen. I wish it was possible to capture all the detail in the pics.

I wrote Jeff back and asked how in the world he got his buck back so quickly. He said:

My taxidermist is quick! Mine was the first deer of the year for him. He only takes 20 a year. He would’ve had it done in 2 weeks if he hadn’t had to soak the velvet in denatured alcohol for a week. He doesn’t freeze dry it, he injects the blood vessels with something, then soaks it and sprays the velvet with raid. He said he did it all in 2 weekends worth of work.

Now that is amazing!