OK ethan buck 2014 1

This guest blog is from Oklahoma hunter and craftsman Robert Nichols, who does some of the best skull-antler carving I have ever seen. Robert is raising his boys right:

Mike: This is my son Ethan Nichols. He’s 13 years old and I wanted to share the story of his first buck.

Ethan has hunted hard for the last 5 years. He’s had several missed opportunities and has even passed on a few deer because they weren’t bigger than his brother’s buck! Priorities!

Well, on the last evening and in the last few minutes of the 2014 Oklahoma Youth Rifle Season his patience finally paid off in a great way. The buck crossed an opening next to a tree line, giving Ethan a glimpse of the nice rack. The deer continued on around a small clump of trees, and a few minutes later, came around the opposite side of the trees and stopped broadside at approximately 120 yards. Ethan was ready, quickly picked the buck up in the scope and made a superb shot. The buck ran toward the stand and Ethan watched him fall about 60 yards away. Shaking and very emotional, he said, “Dad, I got him!”

I could not have been more proud. Being there with both my sons when they harvested their first deer is a blessing beyond belief for this dad. One of the greatest feelings a father can have is to pass on the hunting lifestyle to his children, and seeing the joy in their faces when they succeed. No amount of money in the world can buy that kind of pride and happiness.—One proud papa, Robert