Thanks to our friend Wren for this hunt report from deep in the Brush Country:

tx wren 1

As for this awesome drop, Wren wrote,” Thought about you when I saw this buck one  Saturday recently. Based on buck activity we have observed I am betting on the rut peaking early in our area. Does getting harassed and staying in the brush, avoiding open senderos. Older bucks showing aggressive behavior, lots of scraping, rubbing antlers / fighting scrub brush, have seen several pretty serious fights between mature bucks. It’s early for us to be shooting trophies, we are focused on meeting our management numbers now. Looks like a great year for racks in the Brush Country!”

tx wren 2

Jake Degeyter of Atchafalaya Taxidermy sent Wren the picture of this incredible Texas buck that a hunter brought to him for mounting. Wren says, “I have seen lots of tines with forks, kickers, stickers and trash points but the G-2s on this buck are like nothing I have even seen.”

I agree, it’s almost like a second set of main beams grew up and out on the G-2s! Definitely one of the most unique racks I have ever seen and a real trophy.

Hmm, maybe a trashy G-2 buck like this will become my new obsession?