Fantastic guest blog from our friend Wren, who hunts the brush country of South Texas:

TX susan

Mike, had to share with you. My wife, Susan, shot her first animal ever one morning last week. The buck gross-scored 120 3/8 and we aged him at 7.5 based on right jaw tooth wear.

Back in October, Susan shot a rifle for the first time when we began practicing at the range. She started out with a Ruger .22 LR at 50 yards, and then we moved up to a Remington Mohawk in .222. She shot the black bull’s-eye out at 100 yards with it. We eased her up to my .25-06, practiced some more and went hunting in December.

We spotted the buck one day last week. Susan was dead calm with nerves of steel as she set up the shot and pulled the trigger. Dropped him in his tracks with a high-shoulder shot…one shot from the .25-06 and a 117-grain Accubond bullet.

When he went down we started hugging and giggling! Susan says she is no longer a hunting widow, and I have a new blind partner.—Thanks, Wren

Way to go Susan, great buck! Susan’s old management buck is part of the plan to produce BIG DEER on the low-fence ranch Wren and his buddies hunt. And it is working. Check out the big-muscled, belly-sagging maturity of these 2 giants Wren photographed from his blind one day recently.

BTW, with the photos Wren texted: These deer are feasting on nothing but prime South Texas brush browse. No supplemental feeding or food plots here on the ranch…  

Tx susan 2

TX susan 3