From our friend and fellow Virginia hunter Alex Brown:

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Hey Mike: Love your show and BIG DEER blog!

I’ve attached a picture of my daughter with her first buck. Mattie just started hunting last year and was successful on her very first hunt when she connected on a big doe on youth day. This year she set her sights on killing her first buck. Mattie finally got her chance on January 2. She killed the buck in Charlotte County, VA with a 20-gauge slug.

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The second picture is my 10-year-old son, Will, with his bear that he killed this year on youth day also in Charlotte County. Needless to say, I am very proud of both of them!—Thanks, Alex

Great job Mattie and Will, proud of you too!

Alex followed up w/this email:

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Also thought I would send you one more picture, of the biggest deer killed in Charlotte County in 2014 that I am aware of. This is Andy Lipscomb. The deer was killed near Cullen, VA.  We had trail camera pictures of the deer early in the year, but then he disappeared and we were afraid that he had died from EHD (we lost a bunch of deer last year). Haven’t heard a score yet, but it’s a beast for this area.