iowa doyle 2The Iowa DNR maintains an impressive record book of the biggest bucks shot in in the state with both bows and guns. The 244 6/8” giant that Kelly Doyl shot in Buchanan Co. in 2010 still ranks #1 in the muzzleloader non-typical category. This buck first appeared on the blog in March 2011:

Hi Mike: I enjoy watching your show and viewing your website. I especially enjoy seeing all the giant deer from around the country that end up on here.

In October of 2010, during the early muzzle loader season here in Iowa, I harvested a buck that has 27 scoreable points. After the 60-day drying period, it taped out at 249 5/8 gross. Its official net is 244 6/8.

At the end of February I took the deer to the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. Out of 340 plus entries it was the highest scoring deer there. It took 1st in the non-typical muzzleloader division. It is truly the deer of my lifetime.

I think probably the biggest thrill that has come from this was the expressions on my grandchildren’s faces when they saw the deer for the first time. My grandson has nicknamed the deer “Big 27” and now he is raring to go. Santa Claus bought him his first BB gun and he loves to practice with it at Grandpa’s house. Once again keep up the great job on your show.–Sincerely, Kelly Doyl

Postscript: Since I first posted on this buck I have learned two things: The taxidermist believes the buck was only 4½ years old when Kelly shot it. And a landowner in the area found the buck’s sheds the previous winter; comparing the 2 sets of antlers it appears the monster put on some 50-60 inches of antler from 2009 to 2010! Not common but possible.

The more I learn about this great buck, the more intrigued I am with it. And I can’t wait to see it in person. I’m heading out to Iowa soon to film an episode of my TV show, and we’re shooting a segment w/Kelly. You’ll see it later this fall on Big Deer TV.

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