indiana buckWhat we do know is that this 28 pointer was shot in Noble County, Indiana last November. I got an email from a reliable source that said a taxidermist who had seen the buck (maybe the guy who is mounting it, but I don’t know that for sure) said the bases measure a hair over 10 inches.

You would think that we’d know more about this giant by now, but other than a few Facebook posts with this picture and few others, no story that I have seen has come out in magazines, local newspapers or legit websites like BIG DEER.

That has led some doubters to say this is a game farm deer. That may or may not be true—every time somebody shoots a monster like this, some jealous people automatically assume it’s a high-fence buck, and they start spouting off and starting all sorts of rumors.

I love to prove the envious cynics wrong. I hope this is a wild buck, and if so, I hope the hunter who shot it will contact me and let us publish the real story.

Does anybody know more about this big deer?