indiana drug deer From the INDYSTAR: Owners of Indiana’s fenced hunting preserves would be forbidden from selling a deer for a hunt within 24 hours of it being sedated, and only animals born and raised on Indiana deer farms could be hunted.

So read two new additions to a bill that would set regulations for captive-deer hunting in Indiana. The bill passed the Indiana Senate’s Natural Resources Committee on a 6-3 vote Monday.

I have 3 questions:

Who are the 3 committee members that voted against this?

Who in his right mind would sedate a deer to be sold and hunted? Does greed have no bounds?

And the biggest one: Who in the hell would pay money to “hunt” a drugged buck? Who could hang a buck so shot on his wall and call himself a “hunter?” Is there no shame?

This all stems from a sorry story from a decade ago.

In 2005, an investigation showed that an Indiana game preserve owner had been selling “hunts” to wealthy clients (supposedly some celebrities were involved, and amounts of 20K were thrown around) in enclosures so small that conservation officers called them “killing pens.” He was also accused of using illegal drugs on his deer. At trial, jurors were shown video of a “hunter” shooting a buck that appeared to be drugged.

The guy got some jail time. I refuse to use his name and/or link to any of the horrible videos from this place that might still be on the Interweb.

Ten years later, I find it shameful that any state would have to introduce a bill “forbidding selling a deer for a hunt within 24 hours of it being sedated.”

With our rich heritage of legitimate deer hunting in America, how did we ever get to this point?

I have spent a lifetime promoting clean and ethical hunting, and stories like this disturb me greatly. I just don’t get it.

BTW, the INDYSTAR published an extensive investigative report on deer farms and trophy breeding, you ought to read it.