tx bubba steen buckFrom our friend Wren, who manages and hunts for big, mature whitetails on a low-fence ranch in South Texas:

Mike: Photo of large non-typical taken on The Martinena out of Encinal by Lias Bubba Steen. His son Jennings is holding the buck.

Bubba, Jennings and Jeff Steen had been hunting the buck since he was seen during one of our  helicopter surveys.

Bubba and Jennings saw this deer the evening before he was harvested. Sometime overnight, the buck had broken off another short “beam” and a large drop-tine with kickers.—Regards, Wren

Awesome buck, I would have loved to have seen that rack with a third beam and especially the drop! A buck breaking off points or even a beam overnight when a guy is hunting him happens more than you think, especially when the bucks are fighting in the rut. To me, this makes for a more interesting story, and gives a giant like this even more character.