anonymous drop 2Perfect for trail-cam Monday, this monster is the coolest buck I have seen growing in 2015. Knowing my obsession with drop-tine bucks and junky racks in general, a hunter sent me the following:

I thought you would enjoy this buck. Been after him for a few years. He has a storied history on our farm. I believe he’s 5 this year. He was a 4×6 last year with a small drop tine where his left brow tine should have been. I don’t know what all he has going on this year. I really hope to see him this fall. He has been completely nocturnal for the last two archery seasons.

Good luck man, I hope this is your year. Look forward to posting the full story of your successful hunt when you stick him, keep us posted.

If the sight of this buck does not fire you up for the coming season nothing will!

anonymous drop