ehd buck 2015From Drury Outdoors:

DOD team member Rod Owen found this buck in a pond by Braymer, MO. This is one of several potential EHD reports that I have heard of over the last week. Has anyone else heard about or found any dead deer lately? Let us know where you are from and how many.

EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) typically occurs from mid-August through October, or until the onset of freezing weather stops the biting midges that carry this nasty virus. I am optimistic that outbreaks will be limited and spotty this year, as we had plenty of rain in many regions this spring and summer. EHD tends to be especially prevalent in drought years.

BREAKING NEWS: I just received a heart-breaking email w/pictures about a giant 200″ plus buck that we were monitoring on the blog, and which has apparently fallen to EHD in this same region. Check back tomorrow for the story.