The big bucks are starting to come in, archery season is less than 3 weeks away in some areas:

GA trail camera big buck

 Mike I got this buck back on August 1st, which is my Birthday… We named him Mr. August. I’m from Georgia and this is a super stud for Ga. Age? 4.5 -5.5, score 150″…. thanks, Terry

The bucks below are from Rob: Here are my main two hit-listers in KY for 2015 (I hunt pubs in KY, have a lease in Indy and a buddy with hunting property in Ohio). Definitely a couple of no-doubt shooters, at least in my book. 

KY trail cam big buck 2015

KY trail camera big buck 3

Great bucks Terry and Rob, thanks and good luck! Send me your latest cam pictures to share with the BIG DEER bloggers.