These cool bucks are roaming somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic.

First below is the latest and best image that our friend Danny has of The Freak, and I’m amazed at how much his antlers exploded in recent weeks. Danny seems to have a good fix on Freak’s pattern, good luck in a few weeks man!

trail camera freak buck

All pictures below are from our friend KClap:


Mike, hope you recognize the pics. I’ve been sending you pics of these VA Bucks for
the past few years. Good signs this year! We’re a group of 6 hunters managing our herd. Added 5 new plots, now we have over 20 ½- to 4-acre food plots on 725 acres.

Will keep sending pictures, hopefully holding one of these guys in October!

Love the show, love the website. Been following you for a while, good luck and safe hunting.—KCLAP

va trail camera buck 1

What a great buck!

va trail camera buck 2

va trail camera 4

KCLAP note: This is one of our early mixture plots of buckwheat, cow peas, corn, clover and soybeans–they can’t resist it!  

va trail camera buck 3

Awesome bachelor group!

Thanks guys for the pictures and your support. Everybody, send me your trail camera images for us to share and learn from.