trail cam midwest 1

trail cam midwest 2

Hey Mike, long time follower of the Big Deer Blog. The bucks in the photos have been traveling together this summer.  I have yet to capture them on camera during daylight hours. I’m thinking the rut may be the only time they break their nocturnal pattern.  I plan to be ready!  

Curious to know what you think the buck on the right would score…seems to have some good mass in those main beams. –Travis, somewhere in the Midwest

Thanks Travis. Tough to score from cam images sometimes, but I’d put him in mid- to high 130s, pushing 140. Good mid-beam mass in the side profile, though velvet can fool you. Big thing holding this buck’s score back is short main beams.

But still a great buck and hope you see him in daylight one day while you’re hunting. Good luck man!