ok fears buck

Gary Fears watched our BIG DEER TV episode shot in western Oklahoma and sent me this:

Hey Mike, I shot this 227 6/8-inch bruiser in November 2010 not far from where you hunt in northwest Oklahoma. I watch your show and am glad you show just how good the deer hunting is here in Oklahoma.

I took this buck the day before Thanksgiving 2010. We had a late rut that year and he was chasing a hot doe. He ran off a very respectable 10 point, but stayed back in some cedars for probably 15 minutes or more. He never got closer than 225 yards so I took the shot and put him down. 

I didn’t realize he was as big as he was until I walked up to him! I had heard there was a 200 incher on a neighboring ranch, but I hadn’t seen this buck before that day. He is my biggest buck to date. Hoping his genetics are still out there in my hunting area.—Thanks, Gary

Send me your buck stories and pictures to post.