3 legged deerFrom our good friend Matt “Flatlander” Cheever, who has been with us on the BIG DEER blog since day one:

Hi Mike, just got a picture of a three-legged buck, have never seen him in our area before so he’s traveled a ways to get here.

Wondering what the other BIG DEER bloggers’ thoughts are? Shoot him out of mercy? Let him live as he’s made it this far and seems healthy? Both scenarios cross my mind and I’ll probably not know until he’s in front of me to see how he really looks on the hoof, but I’m curious as to what others think?

I may never see him again but thought he was unique.  I’d like to see him get older and what he’ll develop into? Is this ethical? Nature’s way or my own ambitions for this animal?

God bless, here’s to a strong finish for the season to all the readers!—Flatlander

What do you think…what would you do?