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From our friend KClap in southern Virginia:

Hello Mike: Awhile back you posted our story of the 6 of us, all still-hunters, and our food plot strategies. Well, we had an awesome year!

Happy to share I caught up with this 10-pointer named “Zeus.” Shot him with my Remington .270 as he chased does hard opening morning.

My wife, who just started hunting last year, took this nice buck with a muzzleloader the day before. So proud of her! While I’m grateful for what came my way, I was most happy when I heard her shoot! Her smile says it all. She worked her tail off all summer, planting food plots, cutting trails, fighting chiggers, ticks and poison ivy, all the while going back to school full-time to get her MBA.

My brother also harvested a nice 9-point during muzzleloader. I’m a lucky man, love sharing the outdoors with my family!–Thanks and safe hunting, Kclap

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Love posting bucks from my home state! Way to go guys, great testament to your hard work, good management and the fact that you’re hunting with the right frame of mind.