KY j hembrey 2November 21, 2015. It was opening morning of the Fort Knox quota hunt. I climbed into my tree stand in my designated area and heard grunting and leaves crunching all around as I awaited daylight. As it got lighter, the deer movement stopped.

Around 8:30 I caught a glimpse of movement and quickly saw a coyote sneaking through the thicket. I raised my 20-gauge Ultra Slug Hunter and fired a fatal shot on the coyote.

About 9:10 a doe walked under my stand, and then nothing else till 9:45, when 6 does came running underneath me, chased by 3 bucks! Five of the does continued on, but one stopped and tried to hide in the thicket. The bucks were all over that thicket looking for her. The-cat-and mouse game went on for 30 minutes or so, and during that time all the deer got out of sight deep in the thicket. I thought I had lost my chance at a shot.

I could hear the bigger bucks fighting behind me but could not see them. Then all of a sudden the doe popped out of the thicket 20 yards in front of me. The big boy came out, grunting and looking for her! He ended up giving me a 50-yard shot. I fired and he went 10 yards and piled up.

I gave it about 20 minutes and climbed down from the stand to discover that I had shot the buck of a lifetime! 18 scorable points and gross-scored 183 1/8″ by Buckmasters. He is a truly unique whitetail and I could not be happier. Thanks, J Hembrey

KY j hembrey buck