In daemon 179 1Daemon T. Aldrich sent me this via Facebook:

Mike: I harvested this buck named “Romeo” on Nov 20, 2015 on private ground in Indiana.

I chased this deer last year, when he was 4 1/2 and pushing 160. This year, after 38 days and numerous encounters, I harvested him on Nov 20th. Of those days I could only really hunt him for 7 sits due to the wind and where he was.

Lots of work went into this, and I’m extremely fortunate and feel blessed to harvest such a monarch. Double throat patch and what a beauty, 5 ½ and scored 179 5/8.

Hope you enjoy. Love all your work.—Daemon

Thanks for sharing buddy, one of the best-looking bucks I’ve seen from 2015, dig all that mass and tine length. Sounds like you hunted him hard and smart, congrats! 

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