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I got some photos from Jeff Harrison, and immediately knew his monster would be one of the top bucks killed in North America in 2015. I went searching for the story and found it was posted on the Minnesota Hunting Club’s website. Thanks to Matt Carroll for allowing us to reprint an edited version here on BIG DEER:  

December 6th, 2015. Blue Earth County. A day Jeff Harrison will never forget.

The day started out like any other for Jeff, throw on the camo, gather things and head to the woods. This day was different and dreary though; the fog was thick, creating a damp atmosphere. For those of you that muzzle load, you understand that is not ideal weather.

Jeff arrived at his stand around 6:30 am. As he sat playing on his phone (like most of us do these days) he heard a noise that was impossible to describe. He thought, “What the hell was that, it isn’t anything I have ever heard in the woods or on any TV show.” He sat there, waiting, and then something caught his eye…

Two bucks started making their way to him. Turns out what he was hearing was the guttural grunt of a huge buck! He sat and watched as the bucks came in. He gazed at the noticeably bigger one and thought, “How have I never seen this giant before?”

Jeff watched and saw that the bucks were locked on a hot little doe just 40 yards from where he sat. The deer started walking sideways, eyeing each other up, attempting to show who was the dominate stud. The hair on their backs was standing, and they were ready to lock horns. Jeff eased into position to take a shot at the larger buck.

He aimed, pulled the trigger and heard “click.” The gun didn’t fire! The big buck was only yards away, presenting a once in a life time opportunity. He got his gun ready again, aimed and “click” again! Was it the moisture in the air…a bad spark?

Defeated, sitting there with many thoughts and “what ifs” running through his mind, Jeff watched the world-class buck run off. Then he gathered himself a bit and noticed the lone doe had stayed around. He watched her, and made sure his gun was ready to go this time, just in case the bucks came back.

About 30 minutes went by and Jeff saw movement. This doe must have been something for the eyes because the giant came back! Jeff was ready this time. The buck walked within 30 yards and he fired. Smoke filled the dense, foggy air.

Jeff was emotional, and he waited as things quieted down, and so he could regain his composure. He climbed down out of his stand, checked for blood and found 1 little drop. He decided to go back to his stand to wait it out.

About an hour and a half went by and “I just couldn’t take it anymore,” Jeff said. He didn’t want to bump the buck, but he had to go look. He tracked the blood trail for roughly 150 yards and found the giant!

Jeff said that to go from that incredible low to that amazing high when he found the buck in such a short amount of time is something you cannot explain unless you have experienced something similar.

The massive buck scored 207.

It never ceases to amaze me how many stories of massive bucks killed by hunters have so many little twists and turns and ups and downs. I suppose that is what intrigues us so much about BIG DEER. Way to go Jeff, way to keep your composure and get it done. Amazing buck my friend.

MN monster 2015