sask shed 2016Our friend Amanda w/Buck Country Outfitters in Saskatchewan found this great matching set the other day. Three common characteristics of the racks up there jump out: dark, almost black in color (the color of used motor oil is a term I’ve written many times); good mass, almost a clubby look, though great tine length on these antlers; and short brow tines, which cost many bucks up there 5-10 inches in score.

Let’s say this buck puts on 20 more inches of bone this summer (but no junk), he’ll be in the 170s gross typical w/not many inches of deduction, although his right side is a tad weaker. He could in the best case scenario net 170 book.

And if the winter weather holds, he and the other bucks up in the bush will be healthy of both body and antler this fall. It has been mild up there so far–the day Amanda found these sheds it was plus 3 Celsius (37 F), way above normal for central Saskatchewan in February. But, there are 3 more months of winter and potential cold and snow…

But things are looking good up there right now, and also across most parts of America. Hoping for these good conditions to hold into an early or normal spring, and then a good year for the deer in 2016.