WI new wr buckBIG DEER BLOG has the exclusive on this giant.

When I first posted the photo last October, people went wild over this giant. When I followed up with this after-season report from the landowner, who had been hunting the deer for a couple of years and who had named him “Ghost,” we learned:

There seems to be a rumor every couple weeks that Ghost has been shot or hit by a vehicle, but he is alive and well…. I’m sure I’ll see him again before too long once I begin work on my spring habitat projects.

Previously I had wanted to keep everything about this buck somewhat quiet, but my area is not conducive to poachers seeing him due to the way the hills lay. Also, the land in the area is now locked up from other hunters so I’m not so worried about it like I was before.

But that was back in February. Yesterday I got an email saying that Ghost, which might have been the new typical whitetail world record or close to it this year, has not survived.

Stay tuned, hope to have more details soon.