spotlightingCharles Harr, Jr., 19, had his day in court earlier this week. Harr was charged with allegedly spotlighting deer, killing some 11 animals.

Two accomplices were apprehended and later cited on the crime spree last year. An 18-year-old friend and, get this, Harr’s father, Charles Harr, Sr. who officers believe was in the process of helping his son butcher and dispose of the illegal deer.

That is one of the saddest examples of fathering that I have ever heard of in the outdoor world. But unfortunately it is not uncommon. I have reported on many poaching incidents in my outdoor journalism career, and many if not most of them involve family.

The judge handed down the same old weak fines–$16,400 combined among the three men–that we have become accustomed to in deer-poaching cases. There was probation and officers took the rifle used to illegally kill the deer. Big deal.

But here’s what is a big deal: It’s going to be a very long time before Harr, Jr. will go hunting again. The court suspended his hunting license for 50 years.

This young man has a long time to think about what he did. If he decides to go hunting one day when he turns 70, maybe he’ll do it the right way.

Finally a judge got it kind of right in a poaching case, agree?