tree stand hunter compressedFrom The Des Moines Register: Hunting blinds and tree stands on public lands would be required to have a metal identification tag with the owner’s name and address under a bill approved…by an Iowa Senate subcommittee.

Lawmakers agreed to strike a provision that the tag include a hunting license number.

The Iowa DNR is neither for not against it. Some Iowa hunting and outdoor groups are either neutral or have expressed no objections to the proposal.

Me? I don’t like it as a precedent that could spread to other states that I hunt.

When I started hunting many years ago, mostly on public land and leases with lots of other hunters, I never wanted other people to know where I was hunting. I didn’t have anything to hide, but every day I tried to sneak in and out of my stand without anybody seeing me. It is hard enough to scout a good buck and find a secret ridge or bottom to hunt him on public. Back in the old days, I looked at other hunters as my competition. I have mellowed on that with age, but to this day I like to keep a low profile and do my own thing in the woods.

If you or I had to hang a name a tag on a stand, it’s advertising to everybody in the area where we’re hunting. Humans are curious, most of the time too curious. If stands had to be tagged, most every nosy hunter that ran across an empty one would climb the steps just to see whose stand it was.

It’s a privacy issue for me. Our every move is already tracked these days by our smartphones and apps. It’s one thing to be tracked to the store, but it’s nobody’s business where I’m hunting.

How this tagging bill came about is unclear, but I guess it could help solve one potential problem—some stranger moving in and taking over your stand. For the life of me I cannot understand how anybody could climb up and hunt out of a random stand they just found in the woods, but it happens. And sometimes an ugly confrontation occurs. Maybe if stands were tagged, it would act as a deterrent to put an end to stand squatting.

The subcommittee approved this bill back in January 2016, and it was to advance to the Iowa Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee. No updates on when or if that will happen, so perhaps the bill has been tabled or quashed. This late in the summer it seems unlikely that name tags on stands would be required for the 2016 Iowa deer season, but be check the regs.

What do you think about name tags on stands? Make sense, or silly?