iowa 2016 louch buck

From Stevan Louch, thanks for sharing:

My brother David killed this buck November 7 in Oscalossa. It’s a main-frame 8-point. Biggest antlers I’ve ever held. I don’t know what the record is for an 8-point; let me know what you think and if there’s a possible record here. He shot it with a Bowtech and Grim Reaper broadhead.

This is obviously a huge and beautiful buck, and to me the kickers and stickers give it more character. But my research of the 5 top 8-point bucks in the world shows that all of them, scoring 180 to 183 net B&C, have amazingly typical antlers with fewer deductions than David’s awesome buck. But the Louch Buck has a frame and beams similar to those top 5 bucks for sure.

Way to go David, dream buck! And good shot man!