MO zach 2016 1

This is a great guest post from our friend Zach Fleer out in Missouri:

Mike: Finally caught up to this 6 ½-year-old buck this weekend. I have four years of trail camera history with this buck, and this marks the first time I ever laid eyes on him.

He would spend his summers on one end of our farm, and disappear the first week of September. Each of the last few seasons, I would assume he was dead, and then he would show back up in May. He wasn’t really on my radar much during the last few hunting seasons because of this, and because I was chasing the giant freak the last couple years.

MO zach 2016 2

I shot him on the complete opposite end of the farm, about a mile from where I had the last trail cam image of him back in September. He has switched back and forth between a 6pt and 7pt the last few years, and has added some mass, but he looks relatively the same.

Some would call this a cull buck, which I think is stupid. He’s a great trophy, and one of my most memorable deer.—Zach

Agree Zach, no better trophy than a 6 year old whitetail buck, when they grow that old they turn into an entirely different animal—nocturnal, secretive, ghost-like. Way to go man and thanks for sharing. Look at those brows!