sask grant 2016 mule deerMy great friend Grant Kuypers of Buck Paradise Outfitters, who you have seen me hunt with many times on TV, had an unreal season in 2016. Grant wrote:

One morning in October: I don’t get to hunt much with the business but was lucky enough to have some time after the ag harvest and before whitetail season. What a great morning it turned out to be! Left the house to head to the farm with a mule deer tag I had drawn in my pocket. Took the long route to get there and came upon this awesome heavy old muley. Love hunting with my muzzleloader!

sask grant 2016 whitetail

One day in November: I had a few hours off and went out at 3 p.m. to my personal farm land many miles from where our hunt area is (I would obviously never hunt deer in the area where I guide hunters). I sat for an hour and a half and got plain lucky when this big whitetail buck came in. I had no idea he existed! As I said I don’t get much time to hunt; this was my 4th buck in 18 years, and it was awesome.

What a season Grant, way to go buddy! A ton of mass measurements on those old brutes!