bottle deer tongueTwo weeks ago, somebody dropped an old chair and a refrigerator in a parking lot of the state forest where I hike with my dog. I reported it to the authorities, but nobody seemed to give a damn; I doubt a deputy checked it out. I suspect the litterbug knew that, because yesterday, a few hundred yards from the first dump site, I found an old TV rolled off the road, down a bank and into a creek. This pretty little state forest is becoming some criminal’s personal trash pit.

With littering on my mind and mad as hell about it, this article and picture from QDMA hit me hard and made me even angrier.

The other day some guys found a dead buck and (excerpt): …someone looked in the buck’s mouth. Somehow, the buck had stuck its tongue into the mouth of a glass bottle and couldn’t get it back out. The bottle had broken off, but the ring of the bottle’s mouth remained. It had apparently cut off blood flow to the tongue…

…it is likely the deer died of thirst, which would have killed it faster than starvation. Thirst may also explain why it was found beside a pond.      

Click here to read more and see more pictures. If this doesn’t make you report littering, I don’t know what will. We all need to keep pounding the authorities until they start catching and fining those who would desecrate the land and, in some cases, kill our wildlife.