Three gentlemen sent me photos of bucks from the 2016 season:

3 big bucks 2016

Mike, I’m 39 years old and have been hunting for as long as I can remember. I’ve always managed to fill the freezer with meat but never was able to get my “trophy buck.” That all changed for me this year–15 point, double drop tine. Woohoo!–Mark

3 big bucks 2016 2

Hi Mike. My father bowhunted this deer in November on our farm in Kansas. He took a shot at it and skimmed his belly. Dad was devastated, but kept his head held high for his return trip in December. He went back a couple weeks later and the buck reappeared! Dad was fortunate to kill him with the muzzleloader at 30 yards, he was thrilled!—Luke Vojtko

3 big bucks 2016 3

Hello Mike: I realized the other day that we are neighbors when I saw you walking your dog down the road. I’d like to share a local Virginia deer. I’m a member of a hunt club, and we try our best not to judge a buck by the size of the rack, but by its age. Not that we don’t like a big rack! I took this buck in late November with a rifle. The taxidermist guessed him to be 6.5 but we will know for sure in the spring, as we are involved in the DMAP program and send in the jawbones to the DGIF.—Thanks for your time and safe hunting, Kevin Brower

Fantastic bucks, congrats men! Trying to get further info from Mark on the first monster, you know how I love drop tines!