STexas unicornThanks to our friend Wren for alerting me to the most unique “unicorn buck” ever. I’ve never seen a multi-pointed third beam–5 points–of this size protruding from a buck’s face; this could well be the biggest unicorn buck ever recorded in America! The original post is from the South Texas Hunting Association Facebook page:

Our amigo Troy Calaway from TWC Hunt Co. with a very unique buck with a third main beam that grew out between both eyes…congrats on an awesome trophy!

STexas unicorn.png 2

So what causes this rarity? Scientists say a unicorn tine is caused by trauma to the front facial bone of a buck, such as a tine puncture from another buck. Strangely, another beam then grows out from there.

One thing for sure: This Texas uni buck will make one of the coolest shoulder mounts ever, awesome Troy! I’m hoping Troy will see this and send me the entire story of this amazing deer.