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The EHD outbreak in eastern Kentucky gets worse. The Northern Kentucky Tribune printed: reports of dead and/or dying deer received by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has ballooned to 2,967…tissue and blood samples taken from fresh specimens in the field confirmed that the cause was Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD), specifically the EHD-2 strain… As of Sept. 12, reports have come in from 72 Kentucky counties. By comparison, a month ago reports were received from just 21 counties.

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The outbreak in Pennsylvania has also gotten worse. Nearly 1,000 dead deer have been reported in Beaver, Washington and Allegheny counties. An official said, “Regrettably I have to tell people we’re probably going to find a lot more (dead) deer before it is over.”

The outbreak in Pennsylvania, and all states, will subside with the first hard frost in October, which will kill the midges that bite the deer and spread the disease.

Now, unfortunately, we add West Virginia to the 2017 EHD tracker. The state’s Division of Natural Resources reports that EHD has been confirmed in deer found in Boone, Brooke, Hancock, Lincoln, Marshall, Ohio, Tucker and Wayne counties.

All bowhunters in the woods in any state right now must report sick or dead deer to their nearest wildlife office.

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POSTSCRIPT: Every year an image of an amazing buck that supposedly died of EHD makes the rounds on the Internet, and this one just popped up on my Twitter. Word is that the 250-class giant was found in Mills County, Iowa. As of now, it has not been determined if EHD killed the buck, or a car or whatever. Either way, a damn shame.