va clyde robertsw 104Last year I blogged, Still hunting strong at 103 years young, Mr. Clyde Roberts shot his biggest buck ever during our state’s 2016 muzzleloader season.

Mr. Roberts continues to hunt and amaze.

From the Roanoke (VA) Times: Clyde Roberts already had killed two does in Bedford County during the 2017 deer season, now he was perched 20-feet high in a tree stand looking for a bear.

Bear were forgotten when a couple does walked into the field that Roberts watched. He has killed 10 deer since he turned 100, all but four taken with a .50-caliber muzzleloader. (But) on this hunt he cradled a .270.

An 8-pointer crossed the field and began chasing the does. Mr. Clyde squeezed the trigger, and the buck cartwheeled. Three deer for the 2017 season!

According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, only 6 percent of the state’s hunters kill three deer in a single season. Only one is 104 years young.

“When people ask me about the secret to my longevity, I tell them it was all about hard work and living for the Lord,” Roberts told the Roanoke Times.

Postscript: Mr. Clyde Roberts was not always a hunter. He started hunting after he retired some 40 years ago at the urging of his son. “I bought him a rifle when he retired to keep him busy,” said Mike Roberts, who believes his dad to be the oldest active hunter in America.

This story makes me proud to be a Virginian, a Christian and a deer hunter. Mr. Clyde Roberts, you are a great man and an inspiration to all of us. Hunt on, sir!