sask 2017 oneill 1

From our friend Oneil Baillargeon who lives and hunts in central Saskatchewan:

Was fortunate to harvest “Clubroot,” an ancient old buck who’s been living around home for 8 years now. He’s never been much of a buck until this year, going from a 5×4 last year to adding a pile of mass and brow tine length this year.

sask oneill 2017 2

Not having any other deer on camera that I was convinced were over 5 years old, I decided this was the deer I would be pursuing. Having a couple sightings the days leading up to the season opener, I was in the right place at the right time for the evening of opening day.

sask oneill 2017 3

Clubroot barely had any teeth left and carried bases measuring 7 2/8″… I was more than happy to hang my tag on this narrow old fella.–Oneil

Way to go man, an 8-year-old buck that has survived the wolves and brutal winters of the wild Canadian North is one of whitetail hunting’s top trophies.