va zane me flag 2011Received this note from a loyal blog reader. I could not have said it better myself, and I reprint in honor of all those who serve and have served, and especially to those who gave all:

Mike: A nice blog for the weekend would be a dedication to the REAL HEROES of our country. The men and women that serve and have served in our Armed Forces are owed well-deserved respect and gratitude from us.

“To those who have fallen, you will never be forgotten.”

We WOULD NOT be able to pursue our dreams of freedom and firearms and hunting if not for the men and women that we honor this weekend. Raise a drink during a celebration this weekend and remember our TRUE AMERICAN HEROES.

Amen, God bless our military.

In the photo: On a deer hunt in Virginia, Zane Keen (left), a critical care nurse in the U.S. Army, presented me this combat flag certificate for the work we do to support our troops and veterans through BIG DEER TV and the Veteran’s Outdoor Fund. Zane had flown that flag for me over the field hospital where he worked in Iraq during the height of that conflict. For me, it was the ultimate honor, and remains so to this day.