va buck hit mayAs soon as this picture hit Facebook Wednesday (May 30, 2018) my phone started buzzing. Word was this buck was hit that morning on Route 262 in Augusta County, VA.

Knowing I live in Virginia, people were skeptical and asked me if it was legit. The biggest question was, “That’s a lot of antler growth for May, too much maybe.” Many people thought the picture was from another time and state; some even said it was Photoshop.

I did some digging and found a Facebook post from a lady who said this happened right in front of her that morning and “the air bags deployed and hit the driver in the face…he was pretty shaken up but OK…the deer was beautiful. What a start to our morning.”

A local taxidermist in the area sent me the picture and confirmed it was legit, and a local firefighter posted that he “worked the scene, it’s legit.”

Just got this email: Mike: I run a local tire shop and one of my guys was actually the one that hit that deer on his way to the shop that morning. It messed his Cavalier pretty bad and shook him up for sure. His name is Jeff… He is an avid hunter as well. He would love to see the deer up close after the taxidermy is done. We all would love to see it actually. Do you have any idea what local taxidermist has it? He doesn’t want the deer by any means just a few pictures and to see it up close. 

So, YES this buck roadkill is REAL.

As for that exceptional antler growth this time of year, I refer you to Missouri whitetail scientist Dr. Grant Woods, who told me: “A buck’s rack will show most of its points by June, though tine length is typically less than half developed at this time. Most of the beam length will grow in by late June.

“Those are general rules, but the growth of individual racks varies. Some bucks will show a lot of antler growth early, while others add a bunch to their rack later in July.”

What a beautiful buck that was, and what a damn shame.