Saw this and thought it was a cool way to save a few bucks.

As the story indicates shipping pallets are usually free, as many businesses just want to get rid of them. You haul them off and everybody’s happy:

pallet blind 1 pete young

The one-man, full-height blind consists of 6 pallets, two 2×2 corner strips, and a handful of wood screws….  have all your pieces cut (including shooting windows) and ready to assemble prior to going into the woods with it. Then all you need is a cordless screwdriver and you can erect the blind at your hunting spot…

pallet blind 2

For a roof add a couple of wood slats and a scrap piece of tarp…staple roofing felt around the inside to make it warmer…wrap your DIY shooting house with camouflage burlap or netting…add on more pallets to expand and create a two-man blind.

There’s a blueprint for the pallet blind click here to see it.

Story and photo credit: Pete Young