WI woman big buck 2018Sarah Van Pietersom hunted the opener of the 2018 Wisconsin gun deer season.

“We went out about 2:30 and didn’t see much initially,” the Genesee resident told the Journal Sentinel. “Around 4 I saw what I thought was a buck. I pulled out my binoculars to get a closer look and thought to myself it was a decent buck. He dropped with one shot. I didn’t realize at that point it was this big buck.” 

Giant! The buck was estimated to be around 6 years old, and he looks it in the picture.

Sarah said she became interested in hunting by sitting with her fiancé while he hunted when they started dating six years ago. Four years ago, she took a hunter safety course and started hunting on her own.

“I’m newer to hunting,” she said. “I hope this inspires other female hunters…. I think it’s good for women to see another woman catch such a big buck.”

Great, way to go Sarah!