It’s #nationalcheeseburgerday and perfect grilling weather, let’s celebrate!

My addiction to these burgers comes straight from deer camp. Some years ago I was bowhunting on the Milk River. After an especially long and frustrating day (big whitetails will do that to you) my buddy said, “It’s late, we’re tired and we’ve gotta shoot a buck tomorrow. I’m gonna throw some burgers on the grill tonight. We’ll eat fancier later on in the week.”

After my third burger (no rolls, low carb, just the protein) I hollered out to my friend on the deck as he grilled some more, “To heck with fancy, we’re gonna eat deer burgers the rest of the week!”

The simple, delicious and incredibly addictive “Montana Deer Burger” was born, and I grill them often.


2 packs venison burger (ground elk is great too)

Johnny’s Jamaica Me Crazy seasoned sea salt

Bone Suckin’ Sauce (or your favorite BBQ sauce)


Cheese (American or swiss)

Hamburger rolls (optional)

Pre-heat gas grill or burn charcoal to medium-high with gray ash.

Form meat into good-sized patties.

Spray grate with non-stick grilling oil.

Add patties and brush liberally with Bone Suckin’ Sauce. Sprinkle patties liberally with Jamaica Me Crazy. Pepper to taste. Close lid and grill 3-4 minutes.

Open lid, flip burgers, sprinkle this side with more Jamacia Me Crazy and pepper, brush on more BBQ sauce, close lid.

The best deer burger you will ever grill will be done in another 3-5 minutes! Add cheese last minute of grilling.

Tip: Most of the time it’s best to flip a burger only once—that’s what the big chefs and foodies say—but with these burgers, I like to sneak in after 2 minutes, flip the patties and add more Jamaica Me Crazy and a bit more sauce. If you doctor these burgers 4 times instead of 2, they have twice the zest.