The first 2 weeks of November are the best time to rattle or call fired-up bucks. Try:

  • Studies show that rattling works best on cool mornings with a 10 mph wind (or less).
  • In a big Texas study, researchers rattled in 200 bucks over a 3-year test period. They rattled in the most bucks from 7:30-10:30 a.m.
  • Crash and grind the rattling horns hard for 20-40 seconds; in my experience, hard rattling works better than light tinkling.
  • After rattling, lay down the horns, be still and watch. Many hunters move too much and spook bucks coming in. Important!
  • Grunt loud and nasty—blow 5 to 10 second series of deep, gurgling grunts to mimic a rival buck tending or hunting a doe.
  • Mix bleating (sound like a doe in estrus) with your grunts. You never know which call will strike a buck and bring him in.