Hey Mike: The landowner where I hunt here in Indiana asked me to take a year off because he felt deer numbers were down on his property. I’m sure you can imagine how that made a bowhunter feel!

I decided to ask a landowner across the road if I could bowhunt his 8.5-acre tract. He said, “Sure young man, nobody else hunts it.”

One day last season I slipped into the property with my Lone Wolf and sticks on my back. There were deer beds and sign everywhere! I found 6 walnut trees all bunched together, and I was able to get that stand right in the middle of them.

Around 4:50 p.m. I saw antlers and a giant-bodied buck coming out of a thicket toward me. He had no idea I was in the world. I shot him at 12 yards and the rest was history.

All it takes is that one little piece of undisturbed land. Another cool part that I pride myself on is hunting with a bow during gun season. That makes that hunt even more special to me. Thanks again for all your content. Keep it coming.—Shawn Brinkman

Great job Shawn, cool old buck with huge bases! You hit on the head what I consider to be the Number 1 key to successful bowhunting deer: No pressure! I’ve long said it doesn’t a lot of acres to kill a good deer if those 8 or 10 or 20 acres are in the right spot with no human pressure.—M.H