All doctors and scientists that deal with infectious diseases agree that until this pandemic subsides and we return to some semblance of life as we once knew it, we should limit the number of people we gather and socialize with.

I struggled with this last season, as gathering with groups of friends and other hunters in a camp or lodge is an integral part of the hunting experience. But after thinking about it a bunch, I decided to defer to the experts and keep my groups small.

I canceled 3 good hunting trips where I knew there would be 10 or more people in camp and more guides and workers and strangers coming and going. I put a 4-person limit on my camps. I worked it out so that everyone in my group had their own bedroom for both privacy and safety. On a couple of occasions, that meant using affordable hotels as “camps.” Not as appealing as a real camp or lodge, but it works.

It all turned out fantastically, and for 2021 and beyond I resolve to never go back to staying in places with 3 or more hunters to a bunk room or tent in a camp or lodge where large groups congregate.

I encourage you to think small too. In a camp with 2 to 4 friends, you’ll enjoy the privacy and feel safe. The camaraderie is still great, and the hunting is generally smoother and better.

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