Small and inconspicuous ditches, swales, bottlenecks and other wrinkles in the terrain not visible on maps and they are easy to miss, but are great places to kill a whopper buck with your bow. The only way to find these secret funnels is to vary your walks each day as you scout and go in and out from tree stands.

Vary your walks and be on constant lookout for a low spot in a fence; a tight creek crossing muddied with deer tracks; a thin strip of slightly elevated dry ground between 2 sloughs; two ditches 2-foot deep that come together into a drainage…. There are literally hundreds of small terrains in the woods that define and confine the movements of all deer and big bucks, and you should always be looking for them.

Find a secret funnel with good sign, and then set a trail camera nearby to see what deer are passing through. Soon as you get an image of a shooter buck, move in with a stand and go for a quick ambush kill.