Mike: What scope do you recommend for an AR rifle in .308? I’ll be hunting in south Alabama. –Sami

Sami: I recommend the Trijicon Credo HX 1-8×28, which is Trijicon’s most popular scope for an AR rifle. True 1X wide field of view for close shots, and up to 8X for longer shots at a buck when needed. I set this scope to 6X for all-round hunting; at this magnification it works perfectly in 95% of hunting situations.

Some specs on the Credo HX 1-8: best multi-coated, anti-reflective glass, 34mm tube, and 28mm objective lens for more exit pupil and low light performance; this scope features dual red/green illuminated reticles for pinpoint aiming at deer in any condition or environment.

New for 2024 is the Credo 1-10×28, which offers the same features as the 1-8×28 with bit more magnification if you need it where you hunt.

Hanback note: I have used Trijicon scopes exclusively on our hunting rifles for the last 13 years of filming BIG DEER TV across North America and around the world. I’d say that is a pretty good and thorough field test. These top-quality optics are amazingly clear and bright, rugged and dependable. When mounted properly on a rifle with a precision barrel, a Trijicon scope lets you obtain pinpoint accuracy, and my how it holds zero. I mounted a Trijicon Accupoint (the company’s flagship scope) on one of my .30-06 rifles 6 years ago, sighted-in and have NEVER once tweaked windage or elevation—this after traveling tens of thousands of miles and shooting dozens of bucks with it. Spend the money for a Trijicon scope that fits the conditions and environment where you hunt, and I believe you’ll never buy another optic for that rifle. Trijicon is long-time exclusive scope sponsor of BIG DEER TV, and for that I couldn’t be prouder. —M.H.