Ticks and Snakes: When to Stop Shed Hunting

SD kelly final 2017Shed-Hunting fanatic Kelly from South Dakota filed his last field report of the spring:

Mike: Time to stop shed hunting, ticks are terrible and I saw a “rattler” last weekend. That is all it takes for me to quit the shed hunting and go Walleye wader fishing.

Ended the season with 102 antlers, and I know I will find a few more as I wader fish. I fish some areas where I hunt, so I know the land area very well.

Pictured is #101 in count and the biggest of the year, 82”. I searched 4 hours for other half with no luck.—Kelly

Enjoyed your reports, Kelly, 100 for the year is awesome man. I’m with ya on the ticks and especially the snakes.

6 thoughts on “Ticks and Snakes: When to Stop Shed Hunting

  1. That is very impressive Kelly. And, I’m intrigued that you’re a walleye guy too. People here are hitting the Maumee hard now. I’m hearing that the rains are keeping the river hopping (which affects catch rates); and there are a few rivers here in Indiana that I’ve traditionally fished, but haven’t for awhile. What rivers do you fish in S. Dakota? Just curious. Again, congrats on all the sheds man.

  2. Dean:
    See if Mike can get you my E-mail address: I’m as crazy about Walleye fishing as I am about shed hunting. I fish the Missouri River and Northeast Lakes, out of this world fishing.


  3. Will do. I’ve researched a bit and am intrigued by S. Dakota’s fall pheasant/walleye combos. I would love to take my two brothers on that trip of a lifetime. I was fortunate to have grandparents & aunts/uncles who made their way (eventually) to the Ely, Minnesota area. My first trip up there was back in the early 80s. I hooked about a 3 # on my first evening out and have been hooked (see: obsessed ;) ) ever since then. I am a walleye junky as much as I am a whitetail junky. To me they’re the two best species in the world. I enjoy hunting and fishing for practically anything, but those two I am hopelessly “addicted” to. (PS, My wife is not happy about those afflictions either.LOL!)

    • Dean:

      I’m headed out right now to get into the waders, we need to talk, I can suggest a few places to do the fall combos. you might even be able to add waterfowl to that!


  4. You guys and the “No shoulders” crack me up. Ticks are horrible with the mild winter

  5. You guys and the “No shoulders” crack me up. Ticks are horrible with the mild winter. Walleye are absolutely one of the best two fish to catch & EAT!

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